Seesaw PD

Beginner Lesson 1
Seesaw Overview
Get an overview of how to interact with Seesaw, including a description of the two Seesaw apps and what teachers, students, and families can do in Seesaw. Also learn about signing in, using Seesaw’s built-in creative tools, making a post, and creating a Seesaw teacher account.
Beginner Lesson 2
Seesaw Activities Part 1: Using the Seesaw Activity Library, Remixing & Assigning Activities
Learn how to access the Seesaw activity library, including how to find, remix, and assign activities. Also learn how to organize activities in folders, share activities with other teachers, and archive activities in the Seesaw class.
Beginner Lesson 3
Family Communication Through Seesaw
Learn how to get families connected to Seesaw so they can view their child’s journal and communicate with you through Seesaw. See how easy it is to send announcements and private messages to family members and find who has seen your messages.
Beginner Lesson 4
Teacher Resources
Seesaw has a fantastic connected community! In this slideshow, get connected to free PD, troubleshooting resources, FAQs, and social media groups.
Beginner Lesson 5
Family & Student Resources
A good at-home Seesaw experience requires that students and families know what to do. In this slideshow, you have access to resources to share with students and families to help them navigate Seesaw at home.
Beginner Lesson 6
Account Settings
Learn how to reduce or eliminate the number of notifications from Seesaw to your email and phone.
Beginner Lesson 7
Class Settings Part 1: Customizing Your Class for Its Purpose
Learn how to set Seesaw class settings to create the type of Seesaw class you want to have with your students. Whether you want an open class with lots of communication or whether you want to have a class in which you can give private feedback and individualized assignments, it’s all here.
Intermediate Lesson 8
Seesaw Activities Part 2: Creating Custom Activities
Learn the elements of great Seesaw activities, how to find and use Seesaw shortcut icons, and how to assign and schedule activities for students with folders.
Intermediate Lesson 9
Sharing Seesaw Classes: Recommendations for All Teachers & Co-Teachers
Special thanks to the awesome people at Seesaw for making this video available!
Intermediate Lesson 10
Using Seesaw for Assessment Part 1: Seesaw Folders
Learn how to set up your Seesaw class with folders and how to use the Private (Teachers Only) folder if you have Seesaw Plus or Seesaw for Schools.
Intermediate Lesson 11
Using Seesaw for Assessment Part 2: Providing Feedback
Learn how to send work back to students to redo, including getting a student’s view of sent back work. Also, learn what to do if you meant to send work back but approved it before sending it back.
More About the Send Back Feature in Seesaw
This video is a deeper dive into what happens from the teacher side and the student side when you use the Send Back feature. For resources to share with students so they can use the Send Back feature, see Lesson 5.
Intermediate Lesson 12
Managing Your Workflow in Seesaw
Whether you are a classroom teacher managing multiple classroom subjects or a co-teacher in several classes, managing your workflow can be a challenge. You may have messages, journal posts, and responses to multiple activities to review. In this video, learn a couple of time-saving strategies to help your review process be more efficient.
Advanced Lesson 13
Seesaw Activities Part 3: Creating Fillable Templates for Students to Use
Now that you’re becoming proficient in Seesaw, you may want to create a custom word sort, picture sort, or writeable Seesaw Activity from a workbook you already have. Watch this video to learn how!
Advanced Lesson 14
Seesaw Activities Part 4: Awesome Seesaw Teachers to Check Out
Seesaw teachers are part of a wonderfully connected community. This presentation is full of links to other teachers’ YouTube channels, Twitter feeds, and Seesaw Activity Libraries.
Advanced Lesson 15
Seesaw Blogs & Creating Community in Your Seesaw Class: How to Have a Seesaw Class for Assessment and Still Share Projects With Ss and Families
You may have turned OFF Students can see each other’s work if you wanted to be able to give assignments and feedback to students without other students seeing or knowing about it. This presentation shows you how to use the Blog feature to share some of what you’re doing in the class with students and families.
Advanced Lesson 16
Sharing Videos in Seesaw: Recording in Seesaw and Uploading Videos
Videos in Seesaw can be great for sharing class news, presenting a lesson, or even doing a read aloud. The time limit for videos recorded in the Seesaw app is only five minutes but you can get around this. Watch to learn how!
Advanced Lesson 17
Looking Ahead With Seesaw
Seesaw’s PD in Your PJs webinars are a free and easy, anytime resource for when you’re ready to deeply apply your Seesaw knowledge. This slideshow links to just four of many great webinars.