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Revising a Second Grade Assessment Within a CMS

Course Management Systems (CMSs) can be an indispensable tool in any classroom. In a previous blog post, I wrote about why I chose Canvas when working with elementary school students. I then used Canvas to create a digital assessment for my second graders. You can read about the first iteration, CMS Assessment 1.0, and my second iteration, CMS Assessment 2.0.

I developed CMS Assessment 2.0 after critically considering my own CMS Assessment 1.0, and taking into account feedback from my peers and instructors. While CMS Assessment 1.0 consisted of a 15-question quiz only, CMS Assessment 2.0 includes several linked pages within Canvas.

This video is a screencast of my completed CMS Assessment 2.0:

Analysis of CMS Assessment 2.0

In my creation of CMS Assessment 2.0, I carefully considered how it aligns with professional standards, how it aligns with my Rubric 4.0, how this assessment will inform future instruction, and what link exists between the CMS and student learning. You can read this critical analysis here:

Brief Description of CMS Assessment 2.0

The new assessment page has three buttons, each of which links students with a different part of the assessment. The finalized assessment now includes three parts:

Part 1: 15-question quiz to be taken inside the Canvas CMS. Check out my screencast of CMS Assessment 1.0 to see a detailed description and screencast of the quiz.

Part 2: Sorting task to be completed in Scratch Jr., a coding app with which students are already familiar.

Part 3: Open-ended design task to be completed as a drawing and writing assignment on a sheet of paper that I will provide to students.


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